Stained-glass conservation

Our cultural heritage of historic stained glass is at risk. Deterioration is due in part to the way in which it is made. Immediate environmental factors also play a considerable role, so that the conservation of these windows is often linked to questions of climate, and to their function in the building, as well as to the conservation of the building itself.

The Vitrocentre therefore undertakes research into the historic techniques of stained glass; the deterioration process in a broad environmental context; and methods of conservation. Particular interest is taken in the history of the window, and in preventative conservation methods (protective glazing).

The Vitrocentre is very active in consultancy in this area, and coordinates with private workshops for the actual conservation work; it also furthers specialist education.

Guidelines for the conservation and restoration of stained glass; Corpus Vitrearum/ICOMOS (PDF).

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