The travel journal and book of recipes of Ulrich Daniel Metzger

The travel journal and book of recipes of Ulrich Daniel Metzger (b.1671), glass painter and reverse glass painter, is an extremely revealing source for the life of an artist, and for the technology of art in the eighteenth century. The aim of the project is to analyse the manuscript, to make it digitally available and intellectually accessible, and to use it to explore important questions concerning the history and technology of art. In the process, the analysis will serve as an exemplar for research into a specific group of artists and a particular period that have until now been neglected in art-historical studies.

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Project management

Uta Bergmann (art history)
Sophie Wolf (technology)


Elisa Ambrosio
Marion Gartenmeister

Project partner

Lukas Rosenthaler, director of the 'Digital Humanities Lab' and the 'Data and Service Center for the Humanities' (DaSCH)

Duration of the project

June 2018 – May 2022


SNF: Project No. 100016_178961/1

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Elisa AMBROSIO, Sophie WOLF,«Bleÿgelb, Umbra únd Silbergledt». Les recettes de couleurs du peintre-verrier et peintre sous verre Ulrich Daniel Metzger, in: NIKE-Bulletin, 1 (2019), 48–51. Download PDF

Uta BERGMANN,  Yves JOLIDON, Das Reise- und Rezeptbüchlein des Speyrer Glas- und Hinterglasmalers Ulrich Daniel Metzger. In K. Boulanger & M. Hérold (Eds.), Le vitrail et les traités du Moyen Âge à nos jours : actes du XXIIIe Colloque International du Corpus Vitrearum, Tours 3-7 juillet 2006. Bern 2008.

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