The Stained Glass in Canton of Thurgau

Thurgau canton is home to a large number of important stained-glass windows, ranging in date from the Middle Ages to the present day. A new project initiated by the Swiss Corpus Vitrearum and the Vitrocentre Romont will record, study and publish this heritage in the database vitrosearch. In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Corpus Vitrearum International project, the cut-off date for the body of material being studied will be extended, for the first time, to include windows up to and including those of the present day. Preparatory work, in particular relating to windows of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, began in 2016. 

Inventorization of and art-historical research into these enlightening witnesses of their ages – which decorate both sacred and secular buildings, and which also constitute an important part of the collection belonging to the Historisches Museum Thurgau – will proceed from 2017 onwards.

The project will be led by the Vitrocentre’s team of scholars under the aegis of the Corpus Vitrearum and in collaboration with the Historisches Museum and the canton’s Office for Cultural Heritage.


Rolf Hasler (2016–2018)
Sarah Keller (since 2017)
Eva-Maria Scheiwiller-Lorber (2016–2018)

Project duration           

since 2016


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