Graphic Works by Marcel Poncet (1894–1953)

At the Heart of an Artist-Glazier’s Output

The career of the Genevan artist Marcel Poncet (1894–1953) as a master-glazier was the subject of a report completed in the autumn of 2014 at the University of Lausanne by Camille Noverraz, who is currently part of the scholarly team at the Vitrocentre Romont. The work took as its basis the catalogue drawn up between 2012 and 2014 of the rich collection of works from the artist’s studio; this has now been reworked with a view to its being made available on line shortly. Through an analysis of twelve major projects executed at a range of points spanning Poncet’s career, the study highlights the innovative and original nature of the artist’s output, enriched as it was by his experience as an easel painter. In the autumn of 2015, Camille Noverraz was awarded a faculty prize by Lausanne University for this work and the sum of her achievements at university.

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Noverraz Camille, Marcel Poncet (1894-1953) : Au cœur de l’œuvre d’un artiste-verrier, Lausanne University, MA thesis under the supervision of Dave Lüthi, with specialist input from Stefan Trümpler

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