The Röttinger Workshop Collection

The Röttinger workshop was opened in Zurich in 1845 by Johann Jakob Röttinger of Nuremberg. Two generations would follow in his footsteps: Georg Jakob Röttinger in 1887 and then Heinrich Röttinger in 1913. The importance of this collection resides in the quantity and diversity of the documents preserved, which relate to the whole of Switzerland: correspondence with clients and suppliers, accounts, records of wages, schedules, offers, contracts, catalogues, photo albums, glass plates (negatives), pattern books, cartoons, designs, and drawings. Based on the study of this collection and the stained glass and archives still in situ, research is being conducted into all aspects of the creative process in stained glass, from commissioning to final installation, on the choice of model or pattern, the relationship of the atelier with clients and suppliers, the way in which work was organised within the workshop, its ‘advertising’ strategy, and the use of new techniques and materials.

The project has received financial support by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Cultural Heritage Services of the Canton and the City Zurich.

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