The Stained Glass in the Choir of Bern Minster (1441 – 1455)

Under the aegis of the elite of the town, Bern Minster developed, from the laying of the foundation stone in 1421 until around 1517/1528, into one of the most important expressions of 15th- and early 16th-century architecture in Switzerland. The overall objective of this project, conducted in close collaboration by researchers from the Institute for Art History at Bern University, the Bern Minster Foundation and the Vitrocentre Romont, is to put together an integrated building history of the Minster and the complex contexts in operation. Part of the large-scale, multi-disciplinary project consists of analysing the art history and art technology of the important late medieval glazing of the Minsterl choir. The results are to be published as a monograph in 2017, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the vaulting of the choir.

Research at the Vitrocentre conducted by: Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz (Art History); Stefan Trümpler und Sophie Wolf (Art Technology).

Further information on the sub-projects is given here:

The project is sponsored by the Swiss National Science Fund, the Berner Münster Stiftung and the Burgergemeinde Bern. A description of the overall project can be found under: http://www.ikg.unibe.ch/content/forschung/forschungsprojekte/berner_muenster/index_ger.html.

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