Deterioration of Reverse Paintings on Glass

Comparative examination of materials and techniques; classification of deterioration phenomena on 18th-century reverse glass paintings in an art historical context

The representative selection of reverse paintings on glass exhibited in the Vitromusée Romont constitutes part of the legacy of Ruth & Frieder Ryser, bequeathed to the Vitrocentre as aresearch collection. At any given time, several of these works are under study with regard to technique, and artistic and historical context.

From 2010 to 2012, the Vitrocentre Romont worked with Bern University of the Arts on a research project on the deterioration of the paint layers of 18th-century reverse glass paintings.

Artistic and technical research, along with scientific analyses of the paints and binders, were carried out in order to profile deterioration phenomena and determine whether they could be linked to the period of execution and the painting technique.

Finally, deterioration characteristics were studied in relation to the interaction of the painting’s atmospheric environment with its material properties and technique.

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