Franziska Niemand, M.A.

Curriculum vitae

Franziska Niemand studied art history at the University of Vienna, Austria and the Istanbul University, Turkey with a focus on Islamic Art. From 2014 to 2017, she worked as a tutor at the institute of art history at the University of Vienna and from 2018 to 2019, she was a research assistant in the ERC-Project Islamic Architecture and Orientalizing Style in Habsburg Bosnia 1878–1918. Since October 2020, she is a collaborator in the SNSF-Project Luminosity of the East Materiality, Provenance and Reception of Islamic Colored Glass Windows in the West at Vitrocentre Romont and doctoral candidate at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland with a dissertation on colored glass plaster windows at World’s Fairs in the 19th century. Her research interests include historiography of Islamic art and architecture, and the participation and reception of the Ottoman Empire, Egypt and Tunisia at World’s Fairs.  

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Die Wiener Weltausstellung (1873) als Geschmacksverstärker? Fünf verlorene „orientalische“ und orientalisierende Interieurs im Spiegel der Text‐ und Bildquellen, in: Maximilian Hartmuth/Julia Rüdiger (eds.) Gezimmertes Morgenland. Orientalische und orientalisierende Holzinterieurs in Mitteleuropa im späten 19. Jahrhundert. Phänomenalität, Materialität, Wien/Köln/Weimar: Böhlau Verlag 2021, 79-96.

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