Conditions of use of images

Images from the photograph collection of the Vitrocentre and Vitromusée are protected by copyright. The reproduction of images from the Vitrocentre or Vitromusée is not permitted without prior permission.

Reproductions of images must be accompanied by the captions (provided when the image rights are granted) and the copyright notice.

The applicant is responsible for securing copyright permission for images for which the Vitrocentre and Vitromusée are not the copyright holders. However, the Vitrocentre and Vitromusée cannot guarantee that these rights are available.

The image may only be used once and for the purpose stated unless further permission is obtained.

Images may not be altered in any way (this includes cropping) without the prior permission of the Vitrocentre or Vitromusée.

Images from the Vitrocentre and Vitromusée that are required for publication or research purposes are generally supplied free of charge. In specific cases, however, the Vitrocentre and Vitromusée Romont reserve the right to demand a contribution.

The applicant will receive a request for a specific sum as confirmation of his/her order.

For further information on conditions and fees, please contact cr:vasb:ivgebprager.pu.

Vitrocentre Romont Au Château P.O. Box 150 CH-1680 Romont Phone +41 (0)26 652 10 95 Fax +41 (0)26 652 49 17 cr:vasb:ivgebprager.pu