The library of the Vitrocentre Romont, set up over 25 years ago, is the only one of its kind. It brings together in one place over 7000 books on the glass arts, particularly stained glass and reverse painting on glass, comprising reference works, lexicons, monographs and specialist periodicals in these areas, and including techniques, conservation and restoration, as well as the Corpus Vitrearum publications on stained glass by country. The library also possesses a certain number of rare books, such as treatises, pattern books for stained glass, catalogues and lithographed books. In recent years, the library has been enlarged thanks to the inheritance of the outstanding collection of books put together by Frieder Ryser, the eminent specialist in reverse painting, and the donation of the library of Fritz Biemann, collector and authority on vessel glass.

The Vitrocentre library is affiliated to the Fribourg Cantonal and University Library (BCU FR). The documents are registered in the Swiss Network SLSP and can be found in Swisscovery or Discovery Fribourg-Freiburg (contains only the libraries from the canton of Fribourg).

Books may not be loaned out from the library, but can be consulted on the premises by appointment. Qualified personnel will be happy to help you in your search.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday (by appointment)


Valentine Costa
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