International Conference: The wandering artist

Education, knowledge and (self-)perception of artists of the 17th and 18th centuries

International Conference: 21–22 October 2022 at Vitromusée Romont, Switzerland

Many craftsmen and artists continued to travel after their apprenticeship and journeyman’s years, perhaps out of economic necessity, perhaps to further their education or to seek their fortune elsewhere. The extensive nature of such migrations within Europe is well known. In a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation on the glazier and reverse glass painter Ulrich Daniel Metzger (1671 – after 1738) from Speyer, various aspects and problems of the life and career of a wandering artist are being studied and discussed. His manuscript, preserved in the Vitromusée Romont, as well as other sources evaluated in the research project, document his journey and professional experience and demonstrate how prevailing socio-economic, political and religious developments helped shape his life.

The conclusion of the research project culminates in the publication of a digital edition of Metzger’s manuscript, the exhibition «Ulrich Daniel Metzger: Un artiste au destin singulier» at the Vitromusée Romont and the international conference «The Wandering Artist». At this confer- ence we will analyse the unique careers of various itinerant artists of the 17th and 18th centuries and examine their motives, opportunities and difficulties. The challenges of researching itinerant artists, whose lives are usually only sparsely documented, will also be discussed.

Information and Registration

The participation is free of charge, please register by 10 October 2022 at cr:treel.snrffyre:ivgebprager.pu


The conference is organised by the Vitrocentre Romont in collaboration with the Vitromusée Romont.

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