Art History

The research interests of the Vitrocentre Romont encompass the entire history of stained glass and reverse painting on glass from the Middle Ages to the present day. These interests are directed towards both the works themselves and their creation and realisation; and to the surrounding social and cultural contexts. One of our chief objectives is to integrate these arts into the main-stream discussion in art history.

The research is conducted within a variety of frameworks: it can be an autonomous project or part of a university research programme, generally in collaboration with partner institutes or sponsoring organisations (such as the Swiss National Science Fund); or linked to a specific mandate or publication.

Basic research founded on scholarly inventories, particularly those of the Corpus Vitrearum, is considered of primary importance. These sources are available as publications or data bases (see Documentation). Through our partnership with the Vitromusée Romont and their special exhibitions, we are able to disseminate this research to the general public.

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